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Moving 8TB database to Flash Storage

December 7, 2015 Leave a comment

In recent years we all get accustomed to all kinds of virtualization – VM Ware, Solaris Zones, Solaris Domains, etc… While mechanics may be different, one common trait remains – try and pile up more applications and databases into common set of resources.

One flavor of virtualization is Storage Arrays. Multiple databases and applications get their slices of big Storage Array in the form of LUN. As it happens when big companies in pursuit of efficiency turn every process into a conveyer, the storage provisioning planning is frequently reduced to LUN sizes. In the end you end up with mysterious storage slowdowns when one or more of “other” apps quietly rump up IO utilization to a point where Storage Array cache becomes saturated. Because you have no visibility into what else is running on the same storage – you are left just wondering. That’s the downside of “virtualize everything” trend.

I will have another post about practical ways to detect present and past storage slowdowns.

Here I wanted to share a remarkable IO improvement we got after moving to a Flash storage array.

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