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Using EM 12c repository to find ASM growth rate

January 9, 2013 1 comment

ASM disk group growth from EM 12c repository

Our company collocates multiple databases on Linux RAC grids to reduce hardware, OS and HA license expenses. All the databases on a grid are sharing few ASM disk groups.

Sharing disk groups helps to reduce storage overallocation commonly seen when each database is running on its dedicated storage, be it file system-based or ASM-based. Of course, the databases continue to grow, but the hope is that with shared storage the overallocation can be reduced due to extremes canceling out each other.

In this environment, when an ASM disk group usage does grow, the question becomes how to track which database is causing most of the growth.

Unfortunately EM 12c ASM disk group page shows only last 7 days of individual database sizes in a particular data group. For capacity planning purposes you need more than that.

One solution is to query EM 12c repository directly.

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